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Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) 500 HRs

Most important objectives of this “A Complete Yoga Teachers Training Program – 500 HRs is,

  • To teach the traditional knowledge of yoga
  • To cover every aspect and not choosing only selected chapters from subjects
  • To make students aware of the real teachings of yoga
  • To create highly qualified traditional yoga teachers


Note: There is no Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) across the globe that teaches complete subjects like yoga vasistha, yog yagnyavalkya & others as mentioned in this program. This program is intended for serious students who want to gain real knowledge of yoga with a certificate than only looking for certificates. 

A Complete Yoga Teachers Training Program – 500 HRs is for the students who want to learn Yoga in detail and become a Yoga Teacher. There are many yoga teachers training programs all over the world but this program is much different than those programs. The curriculum in this program is at such a deep level that, no other yoga programs teach these subjects at such depth. In many certification programs, only a couple of chapters are selected for learnings but in this program, the complete subject will be taught at the depth (for example Yoga Vasistha).


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A Complete Yoga Teachers Training Program – 500 HRs



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Apr 01 2021 - May 31 2021


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