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After seeing the fighters from Kauravas Arjuns mind become sad & scared for fighting with the own relatives, teachers & people. Arjun says to Krishna that, he dont want to fight because he see no happiness after war by killing their own relatives & teachers. Arjun become confused and get surrender to Krishna and ask Krishna to tell him which thing he should do because Arjuna was the best friend of Krishna and he was knowing that Krishna is God.




In this chapter, Krishna gives knowledge of Sankhya Yog to Arjun. He tells Arjuna that this physical body is not Arjuna’s real identity but a soul. Physical body is different and a soul is different. A soul is unborn, all pervading which cannot be cut by any weapon, cannot be burned by fire, cannot be wet by water, cannot be dried by air, ancient & unmoving. It cannot be understood with senses, mind or intellect. A soul never takes birth but this physical body does. A soul keep transiting from one body to another body, physical body dies but a soul never dies. Krishna told Arjuna to have samya Buddhi all the time.




Arjun : Krishna, if you think samya Buddhi is good than karma why you want me to do war and do karma?

Krishna explained that doing karma without attachment, desires & gunas, going beyond senses, mind & intellect will liberate a person from this illusionary world.




Arjun : Your birth is recent, how can you tell this yog to Sun God?

Krishna told that, Arjuna, you are seeing me with this body but I am talking about Soul. Me & I took many births which I know but you are not aware of it. I am beyond karma, gunas & all elements, thus I am not get attached in karma.

He explained about karma, vikarma & akarma. One who will do karma without desires, attachments & fruits of actions, he will not get bounded with it.

Lord Krishna explained about different types of Yagnas (God, knowledge, senses, karmas, tapas, japas, havan, pranayama, food, etc). Doing karma without attachments & with dnyan will set you free.




Arjun : Krishna, you are telling about karma sanyasa and again you are saying that karma yoga is good. Please let me know which one is good from these.

Krishna told that karma sanyasa & karma yoga both will lead you to liberation like for sankhya yoga. Karma yogi while eating, drinking, walking, breathing, in every moment knows that all karma is done by senses with gunas, he understands that he is not a doer. He surrender his all karmas to God. He stay same in all conditions releasing Kama & anger. One who keep focus on third eye keeping senses, mind & intellect in his control and do not get scared or angry in any condition is ever liberated.




One who does karma without attachment is a yogi. He is always same to everyone in good-bad, heat-cold, etc. For him, there is no difference between gold & clay. Krishna told way to do meditation, to keep focus on the tip of nose, keeping senses & mind under control, see me in his heart. Such a yogi sees me everywhere without bheda.

Arjuna : You told me yoga of keeping same Buddhi in all conditions. But, I dont think I can do that because of my wondering mind.

Krishna : for someone whose mind is wondering all the time, its difficult to follow samya Buddhi yog but with practice one can achieve that level.

Arjuna : What will happen if one will get scattered from this path of yoga?

Krishna : He will not lose anything, he will enjoy happiness after death in swarga and the will born in good family & will continue his practices.

Krishna told that, one who prays me with compete surrender is best among all karma yogis.




Krishna told about para (chetana) & apara prakruti (all world) & told that they emerges from me. There is nothing higher or achievable than me. I am beyond all gunas.

Different types of people come to me, those who are sad, those who wants to learn knowledge, those who want materialistic things & those who wanted to get liberated. In all these, one who surrenders me & pray me with full devotion is lovable to me. After death, he comes to me only.

People devote themselves to different Gods based on their desires & accordingly they get fruits. These all Gods are my forms and I gave them their fruits based on their devotions & accordingly they get different lokas after death. But, one who surrender to me, comes to my place.

I know everything from past, present & future but noone can understand me. Those who pray me at the time of death, dont get rebirth in this illusionary world.




In this chapter, Krishna told about Brahma tatva. He explained in detail what happen to person at the time of death. At the time of death, whatever his desires are or whatever he is attached to, will get the next birth accordingly.  One who keeps his focus on third eye at the time of death gets liberated. Those who keeps their focus on brahma Randhra chanting aum will get good lokas after death. Those who surrender to me, never come back to illusionary world.

Krishna told to surrender to him with full devotion at all times with senses, mind & buddhi. Then Krishna told about vyakta & avyakya elements and told that he is beyond all these and these elements born from him. He told that, karma yogi after knowing all these knowledge goes beyond fruits attachments & desire and gets liberated.




Krishna told to Arjuna that I am in side all elements but elements are not in me. Those who understand that all elements are born from me, surrenders me with devotion. Different people surrender me either by bheda Buddhi or abheda buddhi. Krishna told that as people devote themselves to Gods, Ghosts & Ancestors will go to their Loka after death but one who devote to me directly comes to me. Even if a bad person will surrender to me will get good way in the next life.





Krishna told that he is the one who dont have birth nor death, who dont have start nor end by anyway. My devotees always keep devoting to me with all senses.

Arjuna : I had heard that you are the supreme personality of God head as ancient sages, sage narada, asita, deval & vyas says but the same I have heard now from you. Please tell me all your forms, how to keep you in my mind & heart all the time?

Krishna told Arjuna his main forms and told that noone can count his countless forms. He told Arjuna that what you will do by knowing all these form when I am saying that this world came into existence out of my just one small part.




Arjuna : By the knowledge you have gave me, my confused mind has been stabilised. I understood that you are the supersoul and absolute supreme personality of Godhead. Kindly show me your Divine form.

Krishna showed his Divine form to Arjuna. Arjuna felt good but gets scared with the form who is unlimited with unlimited mouth, eyes, hands, etc. Krishna told him that, warriors in this war field are already killed by me, just be a reason to kill them by becoming ready to fight.

Arjuna : I am very blessed seeing your Divine form. Pardon me for being your friend & acting very normal with you. I understood that you are supreme personality of Godhead.

Krishna told him that, my Divine form is very rare to see and you are only one in this Bhu Loka to see it. Even yogis with tapa cannot know my this Divine form only pure devotion with full surrender, doing karma without attachments & desires of fruits, who sees me everywhere and keeps me in their heart all the time can come to me.




Arjuna : Those who are worship your saguna Rupa & those who are worshiping avyakya brahma whichone is best among these two?

Krishna : Those who worship me with full devotion are best. Both gets the liberation but worshipping something beyond senses is difficult. Those who surrender all their karmas to me, keep their mind & senses in me, gets liberated.

Keep your mind completely surrendered to me. If you cant do that, do abhyasa (practice) again and again to keep your mind on me. If you cant do that, surrender all your karmas to me. If you cant do that, do karma yoga by slowly getting deattached to the fruits of actions.

Those who keeps their mind same for every thing and devote me with complete surrender are lovable to me.




Krishna : This body is called as Kshetra & the one who resides knows it completely is called as Kshetradnya. I am Kshetradnya to all Kshetras.

One who knows the everything is brahma tatva, who has infinite mouths, hands, legs, eyes, ears and who is everywhere beyond gunas, who knows that this brahma tatva is all pervading, ancient, non moving, who knows Purusha is Nirguna & Prakriti is Saguna doesnt take birth again.

Yogi perform Dnyana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Dhyana Yoga or some may surrender to their Guru and walk on the path of liberation.

All things comes from Kshetra & Kshetradnya and these two comes from me, I am the highest knowledge. God is ancient & nirguna and never get contaminated with any kind of karma. One who understand this knowledge will set free from bondage.




Krishna told that, this world is made up of 3 gunas. Krishna then explains how different gunas affect next birth of a person. One who goes beyond these gunas attains moksha.




Krishna explained to Arjuna that, Jivatma is a small part of Parmatma. I am the Parmatma and stays in everyones heart. I am the brahma tatva and I am everywhere & thus called as Purushottam in vedanta.




In this chapter, Krishna explains the deva & asur elements and their effects on a person. It explains how a person with Satvik Guna attains higher lokas or moksha if fully devoted & surrender to him and how people with asur gunas with ego & bad qualities get trapped more in the illusion.




Arjuna : Those who are devoted & surrendered but not doing yagnya according to scriptures. What happen with them?

Krishna : Each being has their own gunas and this Guna form the belief system. What ever they believe they becomes like that. Different Guna people pray to different types of beings. Their food is of 3 types based on their gunas. They do yadnya based on their characteristics of gunas. They do different tapas based on their gunas. They do charity based on their gunas.




Arjuna : Please tell me the about renunciation (sanyasa) & abandonment (tyaga).

Krishna : Gyani person renounce karmas from work which is affected with desires. Person with viveka, does all work but dont get attached to the fruits of actions.

There are 3 types of abondonment (tyaga) based on gunas. There are 5 reasons for any karma : body, doer, senses, different businesses of action & luck. There are 3 types of Gyana based on gunas. There are 3 types of Buddhis (intellect) based on gunas, 3 types of holding powers based on gunas, 3 types of happiness based on gunas. 4 categories of people does karma based on their gunas characteristics. Fight based on the characteristics of your category and guna. You will anyway fight because of these but do your work without attachments & fruits of actions.

One who has left attachments with karmas, who dont have any desire obtains siddhi due to such karma yog & then it reaches to brahma tatva. Then he dont keep any desires and does karma with equal mind, then his devotion start to increase towards me & then he merges with me. Thus, do all work without attachments, desires & ego.

Arjuna, You are my favourite devotee thus know that, keep your mind & senses to me, devote to me, surrender to me completely. I will remove you from all kinds of sins.

Those who will read & listen, tell this highest knowledge will come to me. Arjuna I hope all your ignorace fade away with this supreme knowledge.

Arjuna : Supreme personality of Godhead, all my ignorance, attachments, unnecessary thoughts & desires have been fade away. I am blessed with this enlightenment & now I will fight the way you have told.



This summary has been told by Guruji Mr Saurabh Shelar.

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