Water Meditation and its Benefits

Meditation is the practice that is adapted to stop incessant activities in our mind. Water is a symbol of infinite flow that moves through blockages and unblocks our inner peace. Water Meditation converts this visualization into reality. Water has the power of enhancing the impact of Meditation. Therefore Water Meditation is getting in practice day by day. 70% of earth’s surface area is covered with water. So Water Meditation reminds of true nature. One of Water Meditation practice which is named as “Kirtan Kriya”, is for mastering your mood. This offers health benefit for our physical and mental well-being. This meditation practice helps in balancing our mood and thus keeps our mind steady.

Water Meditation is used for the mental control and clarity. This meditation unblocks your full potential. And makes your dreams a reality. Water is described as one of the category of Krishna’s Energy as described in Bhagavad-Gita. Thus, in our spiritual books also, water holds an important role.


Water as an environment for Meditation

The sound and feel of water provide health benefits. Meditation and Water is a natural combination. Even in our past traditions, like Buddhist tradition, water is considered as the symbol of serenity, purity, and clarity of thoughts. A large of meditation practices make use of water imagery as part of meditation. The sounds of waterfalls, babbling brooks or ocean waves help the binaural rhythms of the human body. If there is no water, we would simply dry up and die.


Water Meditation in SauYoga Spiritual School

Water Meditation in SauYoga Spiritual School


Water Meditation Benefits

What meditation actually does? It has the power to control our mind to influence our body. And, thus meditation has the power to heal our body and soul. Water Meditation has both spiritual and religious benefits. The best way to relax your mind is to meditate near a water source either it is a waterfall or on a water surface. Below are some of the amazing benefits of water meditation


Improvement in your character

Being patient and calm are two very important things in your character. Meditating in water helps you to add these two features to your character. So water meditation should be carried out on regular basis.

Keeps weight under Control

Everybody wants to look attractive, wants to look presentable. For this, your weight should be under control. Water Meditation helps in weight control and makes you look physically good. For this, you need to have meditation with water daily into practice.

Helps to Achieve Goals

Every individual has set some goals in their life that they want to achieve. For the achievement of those goals, you need to be focused. To make your focus good, you need to have high concentration power. Meditation helps to have that concentration level in you.


Achievement of Happiness

Happiness is related to your attitude. A positive attitude makes you happy. Contrary to this negative attitude takes you away from this happiness. We are so much busy in our day to day life that we do not get time to look into inner us. We are not able to get the satisfaction. Water meditation helps to build a positive attitude in us. This makes us do an introspection of our inner once and keeps us fresh and energetic all the day.

Yoga: Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular disease

Yoga is the best practice to reduce the risk the cardiovascular diseases. Water meditation acts as a catalyst to yoga.

Increase your Focus

The best way to do something in your life is to do it with full focus and full dedication. To get the focus you need to concentrate your mind. Water mediation helps you to get your mind concentrated.

Boost up Self Confidence

Meditation brings a positive attitude into character. You start considering everything with a positive attitude. You get success in your life. This helps to boost up your self-confidence. This leads to you a better and successful person.

Overcome Life Problems

When you start handling your problems yourself, you have taken first step to solve them. After this, you will definitely defeat all your life problems and troubles. Water Meditation helps you to take this first step. It increases confidence in you and makes you a confident person. So that you can handle all your problems confidently.

Balanced and Healthy Life

n there is a balance between your personal and professional life. When you are mental, physically, spiritually, religiously stable. Water meditation helps you to achieve all this. It makes you mentally stable. When you are mentally stable, you take all the steps in your life that leads you to stability. It also helps you to connect you to god.

Water Meditation helps to awake people with the highest knowledge and help them to grow spiritually. It is important for every individual to know and understand the realities of before life, birth, death and afterlife leaving all the illusions of life which keeps the soul trapped inside this ‘Maya’. When one is ready, shall always get the way towards spirituality & divine energy. Varieties of courses, classes, teachings & seminars are available on different topics. The courses include Deep Meditation Retreat. Meditation courses filled with the knowledge if inner-self and soul, yoga courses, etc.

Across Globe, the only school where it is taught is SauYoga Spiritual School. It is a non-profitable school devoted to awakening and spirituality. SauYoga Spiritual School is the only school which believes in keeping teaching level at International Standards. This is because there is a number of yoga teaching organizations all over the world but major of them don’t keep their practices based on a standard level of teaching. For getting yourself registered in any of the meditation courses provided by this school click here.

There are three stages of water meditation that are taught in SauYoga Spiritual School

  1. Water Meditation with water up to Manipur Chakra
  2. Water Meditation with water up to Heart Chakra
  3. Water Meditation with water up to Throat Chakra

Thus, Water meditation helps in our personal and mental growth. Recent studies from Harvard University also concluded that meditation helps to reduce stress, provide clear thinking, increase empathy and compassion capacity in a human being.

By Shivani Mittal

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