Matsya Purana & Noahs Ark

Story of noahs ark is probably a distorted version of detailed information in matsya purana. Flood was not only on earth but on many lokas. Which means most of dimensions. Even saptarishis (beings on 7 stars) were on that boat when that flood occurs. According to hindu texts, kalpa means 4.32 billion human years and after every kalpa there is a mass destruction.

There is lot more similarity between versions of noahs ark and story of matsya avatara of Lord Vishnu. But seems like other stories has been misinterpreted by different people keeping it for earth. It was mass flood as occur after every 4.32 billion years.

People need to leave their beliefs to know reality of timespan of universe and multidimensional universes. They need to understand that worshiping God in any religion is worshiping higher energy beings. Rather fighting under the name of religion, one need to find their own awakening. Everyone need to choose light and reality will slowly start to display infront than illusionary knowledge all around.


Matsyapurana says : In past kalpa, there was mass flood named ‘bramhya’. Different lokas including bhu loka was flooded

“…Before flood, vaivasvata manu was doing tapa. He found a small fish while doing tarpana. Day by day size of fish increased and became 100000 yojana.


Matsya Avatara Vs Noahs Ark | SauYoga Spiritual School


When asked by manu he said, I am Vishnu came to remove negativity from world. After 7 days, there will be a huge flood. At that time you will see a boat infront. Take everyone on it including saptarshi and be these till the night of bramha. I will also be present that time….”


“…According to Genesis, God gave Noah instructions for building the ark. Seven days before the deluge, God told Noah to enter the ark with his household and the animals. God then triggers a flood that wipes out all life on land…”

Matsya Avatara Vs Noahs Ark | SauYoga Spiritual School


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