How to choose best school for Yoga in India?

Before coming to India to learn Yoga, every student has this question in mind that which is the best yoga school in India and how to choose the best school in India. There are many many schools in India which conduct Yoga Training in various places, there are many centres which follows some norms from Yoga Alliance.

Let me tell you the first but most impacted thing on a search of those questions.

How to choose best yoga school in India | SauYoga Spiritual School


“If Yoga is born in India & still if schools are following norms from a US-based organisation, understand its just for business. Don’t fall prey to business under the name of spirituality.”

This is the absolute truth. If you are going to a school in India which has to tie up with Yoga Alliance, it can merely mean that its happening just because of business. There are many schools which follow Yoga Alliance but don’t give proper information to students, not even complete their curriculum in the specified time. Yoga has become a huge business in India just because westerners think that if a school has a tie-up with Yoga Alliance it means that they can have a standard. Even in the city of Yoga origin too you will find that schools are following norms from US organisation, doesn’t look strange ?!

Let me tell you, there are many things in Yoga which has not considered by schools following Yoga Alliance. More focus is given in Asanas, Pranayama because that’s what students from western country want. But in reality, Asanas & Pranayama are just 2 parts of Yoga and major focus has to be given to the following aspects of Yoga. i.e. Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi.

a Yoga Alliance certificate does not denote the credibility it claims. If you are considering training to become a yoga teacher, or if you are already a teacher and plan to affiliate with YA, consider this:

  1. None of your favorite teachers were hired because they’re an “RYT”. They were hired for their skill, character, professionalism, and capacity to nurture and inspire.
  2. Unlike a designation like RMT for registered massage therapists, there is no governing body or council behind Yoga Alliance to hold RYTs accountable for upholding a certain standard.
  3. Schools with the RYS designation aren’t held accountable either. When applying to be an RYS, all you have to do (besides forking over $400US) is tell them what they want to hear. Paint by numbers. Fill in the information that will satisfy their online list of criteria, and you’re off to the races. No one will ever follow-up to see if you’re actually teaching what you said you would on that form.
  4. Yoga Alliance has replaced the importance of skill and tenure with an over-valued logo. The process of becoming registered is time-consuming, frustrating and a perfect example of disorganisation and lack of credibility. The only reason teachers and studios put themselves through this is because they’re afraid that without it, business will suffer.
  5. The yoga community doesn’t support Yoga Alliance. Esteemed and senior teachers whose experience predates YA will tell you that there is no way to quantify someone’s ability to teach, regardless of hours spent on the mat. Typically a 200-hour program does little more than introduce students to the basics of teaching. But thanks to YA and the validity of their certification process, these students believe they have accomplished the necessary prerequisites to teach.
  6. Being “certified” is not the same as being a good teacher. YA states, “It is not Yoga Alliance’s role to ‘create great teachers’. We were established by the yoga community to set minimum standards for yoga teacher training programs. It is up to the schools that register with us to provide the training that enables their students to flourish, and it is the responsibility of individual RYTs to practice and study their way to greatness.” While we question the truth behind YA’s claim of being established by the yoga community, it suffices to say that even the organisation itself doesn’t purport to be anything more than a purveyor of arbitrary requirements that have come to be accepted as the gold standard.

A student must choose a school which will teach them the ultimate goal of the Yoga. You must check and compare the curriculum of the centers to understand the kind of subjects you will learn in school.

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Thus, choosing the proper school which has good curriculum & spiritual content is important while choosing the school for Yoga in India. Don’t just choose because everyone is following a path. Everyone goes to a path doesn’t mean that path is proper. Choose according to your spiritual level and what & how you want to grow in spirituality.

how to choose the best yoga school in India?

Yoga is all about spirituality & getting liberated in the final moments.  It’s not a business, understand if school chosen by you is just doing their business or taking you to another level of spirituality.

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