Are there only 14 lokas?

The aim of Yoga is Union or Samadhi and every practice of Yoga leads towards the awakening of an individual. As we know that there are 7 major chakras in this physical body. These chakras are connected with every lokas. There are a total of 14 lokas (07 above and 07 below).


Are there 14 lokas? | SauYoga Spiritual School

There are 7 below lokas, called as Bila Swarg

  • Atal
  • Vital
  • Sutal
  • Talatal
  • Mahatal
  • Rasatal
  • Patal

There are 7 lokas including bhuloka where we reside.

  • Bhu Loka
  • Bhuvaha Loka
  • Swaha Loka
  • Maha Lola
  • Jana Loka
  • Tapa Loka
  • Satya Loka

When an animal reaches the highest stage of their awakening, they get rebirth as humans. Highest chakra in animals is Mooladhara which is the lowest chakra in humans. Mooladhara chakra is also associated with Bhu Loka. All the chakras are associated with one loka above. As kundalini ascends through the Sushumna path, one transcends through these material lokas and reach to Brahma Loka or Satya Loka which is the highest point in this material world.

But do we have only 14 lokas?

No. According to Shiva Purana, There are infinite lokas above and below these lokas. Apart from these 14 lokas, there are more 14 bhuvanas till Kshama Loka. Above the Kshama Loka, there are more 28 bhuvanas till Shuchi Loka. There are 56 bhuvanas above till Ahimsa Loka. That is another Loka named Kalatit above the Ahimsa Loka.

There are more 112 lokas above it after which there is Brahmacharya Loka where there is Kailasa with five layers.

Only 7 above and below can affect human body and that is why in Yoga only 7 lokas are considered. Once a human transcends beyond that, cannot get birth again in this material world. As said in scriptures, complete material world whatever we can perceive only 25% of the total universe, 75% is the spiritual world above it.

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