What is Meditation?

There are many things in life that are beyond our control. Physical World means the 3 Dimensional world where we are living now, the one where we sense and perceive the surroundings of the universe. Most of the things which happen in the physical world actually appears in the Astral World first and then it get manifested in the Physical World. Life is more beyond our sense of perception and thus there are many things which even todays science not able to understand. These understandings has been studied and actually experienced by the ancient yogis in the deep meditation & written in the different ancient texts. In hinduism, they are described in Vedas & Puranas.


What is Meditation? | SauYoga Spiritual School


Meditation is not just a mean to calm the mind, body & soul which has been typically mentioned everywhere but it is the door from which one can realize the truth beyond perception of our senses. Meditation starts with concentrating our mind on some object with complete consciousness. The word complete consciousness is very important in concentration.

There are various ways by which one can consciously focus their mind on a particular object. Keeping concentration on breathing is one of the easiest way to learn the meditation because humans keep breathing from their birth till the death. And thus keeping concentration on breathing is the easiest way for beginner to start in meditation.

One has to consciously keep monitoring at their breath by closing their eyes. Our mind is the most restless thing in the world which constantly keep hopping from one thought to another thought, from past to future & creating new imagination at every moment. Meditation is the way to slow down the process of hopping of mind. As one will consciously keep monitoring their breath, he will be remain in the present. By being in present, mind will not dwell in the past & future.

Our mind is the worst enemy if its not in our control. So, whenever one will start concentrating on breathing consciously, mind will not accept being under control of something and it will again & again start hopping between thoughts. When one understand that our mind is moving between thoughts, he should again come on the concentrating on breathing. For beginners this is the best way to start journeying into the meditation.

There are different postures, bandhas & mudras which helps one into meditation to go into the deeper level but not needed for beginner to know it and make it more complex.

What is Meditation? | SauYoga Spiritual School

If beginner will start doing meditation by self, he will find that after few days his mind will not let practitioner practice meditation increasing laziness in them. I am saying it with lots of experience in this area. Its best for one to learn meditation technique from some good instructor because its not easy to control mind by self. It need to be trained so that one can practice it regularly.

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