Time Repeats Itself

We know that Lord Rama was there in Ramayana (+7000 BC) in Treta Yuga and Lord Krishna in Mahabharata (+3000 BC) in Dwapar Yuga. We do think that these event occur only once. But, the time keep repeating itself.
Following is the Life Time of Lord Bramha (The Creator of Universe)

Time Repeats Itself | SauYoga Spiritual School

Time Repeats Itself | SauYoga Spiritual School


* 1 human fortnight (15 days) = 1 day (light) or night of the Pitṛs (Pitṛs are our Ancestors)
* 1 human month (30 days) = 1 day (light) and night of the Pitṛs
* 30 days of the Pitṛs = 1 month of the Pitṛs = (30 × 30 = 900 human days)
* 12 months of the Pitṛs = 1 year of the Pitṛs = (12 months of Pitṛs × 900 human days = 10800 human days) The lifespan of the Pitṛs is 100 years of the Pitṛs (= 36,000 Pitṛ days = 1,080,000 human days = 3000 human years)
* 12000 Deva Years = Life Span of Devas = 1 Mahā-Yuga.
* 1000 Mahā-Yugas = 1 Kalpa = 1 day (day only) of Brahma (2 Kalpas constitute a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion human years)
* 30 days of Brahma = 1 month of Brahma (259.2 billion human years)
* 12 months of Brahma = 1 year of Brahma (3.1104 trillion human years)
* 50 years of Brahma = 1 Parārdha
* 2 parardhas = 100 years of Brahma = 1 Para = 1 Mahā-Kalpa (the lifespan of Brahma)(311.04 trillion human years)

Vedas says that Time keep repeating itself, Yuga after Yuga, Kalp after Kalp, Manvantara after Manvantara keeps repeating itself. There are many proofs of these can be found in Hindu Scriptures.


Time Repeats Itself | SauYoga Spiritual School


As we know Kakbhushundi have lived in 27 Kalpas and in those, he has seen 11 Ramayanas and 16 Mahabharatas with different outcome. He saw Mata Sati’s story twice but it was same. Thus, even story of Mata Sati happen in every Kalpa with the same story. But, as he said, there was no difference in the outcome of that story when it repeated & thus was not interested in seeing it again & again.


Time Repeats Itself | SauYoga Spiritual School

In Ramayana, When Lord Yama came to  Ayodhya to take Lord Ram’s life, he couldn’t enter the city as Hanuman was guarding the gates of Ayodhya. Lord Ram was aware of that and to distract Hanumana from guarding the gate, he drops his ring in river and ask Hanuman to fetch it. Hanuman dive inside the river but he was unable to find the ring but he met nagas of NagLoka.

Hanumana enquire to them about the ring. They refused to tell the location & asked Hanumana to tell the story of Lord Rama and told him that they will tell him location after the story. Hanumana told the whole story to them and then again enquires them about the Lord Rama’s Ring. They pointed in the direction where he can find that ring.

When he reaches that location he saw heap of rings, each ring exactly similar to each other. He again went and ask them which one is the Lord Rama’s ring. They said, “As many ring’s, so many Rama’s”

Life is a cycle, its a infinite circle. What has happened in the past will again happen in future. That is why the word “Kal” is used for Past, Present & Future.

We as a Jivatma (soul) get trapped in this Maya and keep taking rebirth again & again. Once the one attained Moksha, he will not take birth again on this dimension.

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